Against the dollar the yen in the situation in the Middle ...

[Middle East of opening a Pandora's box Do] China, warning the US ... Dollar yen temporary $ 0 to 0 sen. While maintaining the Odai somehow, it became the head of the heavy deployment. With respect to matters which yesterday reported was the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has shot down a US unmanned reconnaissance aircraft Global Hawk, a concern of the growing tensions between the United States and Iran has invited the dollar selling yen-buying. NY Times, although Trump US President has authorized the attack on Iran, it was reported that withdrew after a few hours, even the background that the widespread fears of military conflict between the two countries. Decrease in the US bond yields from the morning, bond buying in the risk warning (bond prices rise = lower yields) that has spread, initially dollar fared. Dollar yen 0 yen 0 sen stand, the movement of an Eurodollar is put. Cars. From is transmitted coverage of the NY Times, yen buying of risk warning becomes dominant, a little adjustment by being pushed by the euro-dollar is the euro-yen selling.

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